Starview SVO Series

The Starview SVO Series is Front access LED Displays SMD outdoor, SVO-4.8/SVO-5.95 quick front access design, high outdoor brightness,..

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The Starview SVO Series is front access LED Displays SMD outdoor, SVO-4.8/SVO-5.95 quick front access design, high outdoor brightness, stable performance, and HD resolution, made by  SMD1921 for P4.8mm and SMD2727 for P5.95mm, all these advantages make SVO-4.8 and SVO-5.95 LED displays, a popular solution for high end application.
One LED module could be replaced around 2 minutes. This is to say, the maintenance time will be saved considerably. We also have illustration video showing how quick and simple this is. Recommended cabinet size 500mm*500mm. Rear cabinet door is optional.

 •   Easy to learn how to maintain, even for a non-professional user
 •   High resolution for excellent video quality; especially recommended for outdoor small signs.
 •   Made by SMD1921 and SMD2727 3 in 1 full color SMDs, great contrast.
 •   High brightness, allow brightness adjustment with 256 levels.
 •   Long Warranty: up to 2 years
 •   Module size 250mm*250mm, easy for size calculation.