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Starview Asia Pty Ltd is a duly registered and established company since 2011, specializing in providing cutting-edge solutions in the fields of audiovisual (AV), unified communications, network infrastructure, cloud-based online conferencing, digital advertising, specialized LED/LCD VideoWall displays, cinema, and video processing. Moreover, we have expanded our offerings to meet the growing demand for home automation solutions, smart living, smart offices, and IoT.

Driven by our strategic vision, our goal is to become a trusted and leading partner in the digital technology and automation industry. We are unwavering in our commitment to deliver high-quality products and services that not only cater to the diverse needs of our customers but also comply with international standards. Through continuous capacity building and strategic expansion, we aim to strengthen our position as a market leader in Vietnam and further extend our presence to key markets such as Australia, the United Kingdom, and the Asia-Pacific region.


With an unwavering commitment to research and development, STARVIEW ASIA aims to become a leading enterprise, dedicated to delivering increasingly innovative and high-quality products to the market. We are devoted to applying the most advanced technologies, aiming to serve the lives of individuals and make a positive impact on society and the ecological environment. We make significant contributions to the development of the countries in which we operate.

At Starview Asia, we firmly oppose all forms of racial discrimination, gender inequality, war, and crimes against humanity. This is our commitment to creating an equal, fair, and cohesive work and social environment.

We not only see ourselves as a successful company but also as an inspiration and reliable partner in building a better world. We believe that technology and sustainable development must go hand in hand with social responsibility, and we will continually dedicate ourselves to fulfilling that vision.


These core values guide Starview in delivering high-quality products and services, fostering innovation, adapting to change, creating a positive work environment, and maintaining ethical and responsible practices.

  1. Innovation: Embrace a culture of continuous innovation and encourage your team to think outside the box. Foster an environment that promotes creative problem-solving and encourages the exploration of new ideas.
  2. Customer Focus: Place your customers at the center of your business. Understand their needs, pain points, and preferences, and strive to deliver products and services that exceed their expectations. Continuously gather feedback and iterate based on customer insights.
  3. Agility: Embrace agility as a core value in your organization. Be responsive to market changes and customer demands. Adapt quickly to new technologies, industry trends, and competitive landscapes. Foster a nimble and adaptable mindset throughout your team.
  4. Talent Acquisition and Development: Invest in attracting and retaining top talent. Build a diverse and skilled team that shares your vision and values. Provide opportunities for professional growth and development, fostering a learning culture that encourages innovation and excellence.
  5. Scalability: Design your products, processes, and infrastructure with scalability in mind. Anticipate future growth and ensure that your technology and operations can scale seamlessly. Plan for scalability from the early stages to avoid bottlenecks and facilitate expansion.
  6. Financial Sustainability: Establish a solid financial foundation for your startup. Develop a clear and realistic business model, manage your resources efficiently, and continuously monitor and optimize your financial performance. Seek opportunities for funding, partnerships, and revenue diversification to ensure long-term sustainability.
  7. Equality, Respect, and Collaboration: Place the principles of equality and respect for differences at the core of the company's operations. Ensure a fair and diverse working environment while promoting cooperation and collaboration among team members. Respect different perspectives and opinions, value contributions from everyone, and build a harmonious and cohesive work environment.
  8. Technology for Human Well-being: Aim to use technology to meet human needs and address their challenges. Create meaningful products and services that add value and benefit the community. Ensure that technology is applied ethically and responsibly, without negatively impacting people's lives and rights .


Starview Asia takes great pride in its highly skilled team of experts hailing from Australia, Singapore, the UK, and Vietnam, who possess extensive experience of over a decade in the research and development of cutting-edge solutions in the fields of audio-visual (AV), collaboration applications, and automation. Furthermore, we have solidified our position as a premier system integration partner for globally renowned brands in the AV technology, unified communication, automation, IoT, and cloud computing sectors, including CISCO SYSTEM, AVAYA INC, CHRISTIE DIGITAL US, JUPITER INC, TUYA, and LEYARD.

With research and development centers in Australia and Vietnam, along with future manufacturing facilities in China, Vietnam, and Australia, Starview Asia aims to deliver optimized products and solutions of the highest quality in various applications such as Smart Home, Smart Office, Automation Building, Home Cinema & Audio Entertainment, and premium IT accessories. Additionally, we offer a range of products and solutions tailored for businesses and government entities, including Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS), Video Management Systems for Intelligent Traffic, Cloud Digital Signage, Cloud Online Meetings, LED/LCD Video Walls, Video Image Processors, as well as display solutions for command and control centers (NOC, SOC).

We provide comprehensive consulting and solutions in the areas of networking, renewable energy, integrated communications, multimedia applications, and system monitoring and information security. In addition, we specialize in professional solutions such as 3D Simulation display, Command central C4I, network transmission infrastructure, professional Video Wall projection, AI Camera, and Video Conferencing for business meetings. At Starview Asia, we place particular emphasis on automation applications and the advancement of smart living through Automation & Smart Life solutions.

  • Smart Life Solution: This is a comprehensive smart home solution that includes meticulously designed smart devices for households, as well as upgrade kits (upgrading regular homes to smart homes) based on the scale and needs of customers. Smart Life also supports applications for smart offices and home cinema entertainment.
  • S-Cloud Video Conferencing Solution: Perfectly designed to enable organizations/businesses to easily transform any room into a collaborative video center, facilitating online meetings and serving work purposes. S-Cloud also caters to the needs and features of e-learning in the education sector.
  • SOC, C4I Solution: Specialized monitoring and command system with dedicated screens for overseeing and commanding all activities, primarily applied in defense and government security. STARVIEW's system plays a crucial role in data collection, analysis, storage, and sharing among different agencies.
  • Integrated Video Wall Solution for NOC, SCADA, High-Quality Video Display, and Information Source. Operators can monitor, detect, and take real-time actions while controlling data content from anywhere. It integrates, controls, and processes information from multiple sources, providing timely and accurate display of information.
  • Starview Remote Healthcare Support Solution: Ideal for remote medical treatment, meeting the requirements and standards in Vietnam. This solution is built as a control center using state-of-the-art hardware and software technology, enabling remote medical consultations, professional advice, or training for medical staff.
  • Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Solution, VMS Intelligent Traffic, Renewable Energy Applications, and Control in Smart City and Automation Building.
  • Digital Signage Solution: Enables centralized remote management, allowing dynamic content display based on predefined schedules, contexts, and real-time factors. Viewers can also interact with or influence the displayed content. This solution empowers users to customize their advertising campaigns to deliver more engaging and relevant content to viewers.


  • Home Automation
  • Home Cinema
  • Audio Conference
  • Video Conference
  • Video Wall Processor
  • Telemedicine
  • LED Video Wall
  • LCD Video Wall
  • Digital Signage
  • Intelligent Traffic System
  • Desktop & Touch Monitor
  • DLP Projection Video Wall
  • Network DevicesL
  • Lighting Equipment
  • Accesories


  • S-Cloud Online Meeting - Virtualization MCU: A cloud-based online meeting service that offers customers high-quality, multi-point video conferencing solutions with resolutions of up to Full HD 1080p, at significantly lower costs compared to investing in hardware-based MCU infrastructure. Instead of investing in the entire infrastructure, including end-point devices and MCU control equipment, customers only need to purchase end-point devices and subscribe to STARVIEW ASIA's S-Cloud Online Meeting, which provides various options suitable for the company's financial capabilities. This solution is completely free for customers using Starview-branded Video and Audio Conference products.
  • S-Cloud Digital Signage: A service designed for businesses looking to implement a digital advertising strategy through a network of interconnected screens that transmit information over the Internet using cloud-based technology, known as Cloud Digital Signage. With this service, businesses can deliver advertising content, schedule and interact with customers worldwide, all with just an Internet connection. AI-powered robotic vending systems facilitate global product distribution to customers. This service is provided completely free of charge when customers use Starview-branded hardware such as LCD screens, LED screens, automated vending kiosks, AI robots, and more.