Telemedicine Solution

»Application requirement
Avaya Telemedicine provides ideal solutions for telemedicine to meet standard requirement of telemedicine in Vietnam. Telemedicine Solution was built as control center by using the latest technological hardware and software. We use tele-communication device, an applications for remote surgery, nurse station, consultant telemedicine or other devices to training. 

Avaya Telemedicine solution applications:

• Remote ICU for surgery

• Teleradiology

• Coaching – Training - Meeting in Medicine, Healthcare or Medical Services

• TeleHealthCare

»Solution proposal
Avaya Telemedicine Solution Diagram
Our solution for Telmedicine contains:
   ·  Connection Core Device for Recording and Managing: Multi Control Unit, Management Server, Recording & Streaming Server.
   ·  Telemedicine Endpoint and Endpoint Avaya
   ·  AVover IP with bandwidth over 2Mbps (equal 1080p), Mobile/Ipad Device (3G/4G).
With Avaya Telemedicine Endpoint:
- Avaya Operating Telemedicine.
Operating Telemedicine is the multi-purpose device can be used in healthcare. It is equipped a nurse station application, smart auto-locking drawers, ID-user identification, ultra-smooth gliding casters, travels easily across crowded carpet or hard surface floors and it is perfect for space constrained areas, UPS allows the electricity to be stored up to 3 hours, connection to hospital system.
Operating Teledicinecho also allows remote surgery: The Codec XT7100 compress the video by using H.265, 03 video input (can be expanded to 03xHDMI by using switcher); allows seamless high-quality video 1080p in real time

- Avaya Consultation Telemedicine.
To provide better consulting to hospital, Consultation Telemedicine is equipped with Avaya Scopia XT7100, 2 LCD 19” monitor, easy to move around tight space, ships fully assembled and free height adjustment.