E-Learning Solutions

»Application requirement
Avaya video technology push education opportunities, increase the school commitment and give students a new way to learn. Now you can learn from anywhere, at any time, bring education to every home, every house. Our Video technology was built by using latest technologies, provides high quality video lessons to students. With the development of endpoint device, users are easy to participate, watch and share though simplified user-friendly WebRTC. This technologies create an easier way for users to study by using web browser.

»Solution proposal
Avaya E-Learning Features:
-      Support multi devices: Mobile, Ipad, PC và Endpoint devices. 
-      Bandwidth minimum is 128Kbps equals to 240p.
-      Cable or Wireless with 3G/4G/Wifi.
-      Support multi layout display (Lecture mode).
-      E-Learning Classroom supported Word, Powerpoint, Image files … which could be sent to students
-      Students or teacher can mute micro to focus on lessons
-      Interacting with high quality audio/video/content through real-time

-     Avaya HUD: allows private messaging or private talking in groups.
-     E-Learning Room conference room is equipped with Avaya hardware for any classroom size with 4 digital cameras have 10x optical zoom.
E-Learning learning support:
-     Real Time two-way video conference with fullHD quality
-     Recording, Storing and Sharing with Web Portal
-     Live streaming
You can use smart phone to connect by using our application or use WebRTC interface to join, live stream or share. Everything is unified in one interface from Mobile, Ipad to PC. You can use our endpoint device to expand the connection to many other people so they can join in.
·     Top Services in E-learning
·     Video Services provides many endpoint devices to help stable video quality even if the latency is slow.
·     User-friendly Interface
·     Maximize video quality based on your latency.
·     Real-time high quality video.
·     Always availabilty.
·     Allow third party software to connect (Mobile, Ipad, PC)
·     Good services
·     Avaya Warranty