Starview SMA-Operating Telemedicine

Today’s healthcare professionals must be able to connect, examine and respond more swiftly and accuratelythan ever.

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Today’s healthcare professionals must be able to connect, examine and respond more swiftly and accurately than ever. And when care decisions must happen remotely, Starview SMA Series allows for effortless information gathering, sharing and decision making. Designed exclusively for medical settings, critical communications tools are in the hands of healthcare professionals so they can easily see, hear, share and act on information about patients’ conditions. Starview SMA series employs optimal HD audio and video technology for capturing and sharing nuanced sounds and visuals. It’s an all-in-one, real-time, medical communication system that is simple for staff to set up, learn and use.

Continuing medical education
Distance education offers medical professionals the opportunity to learn without having to travel. Staying abreast of new diagnostic techniques and research means even the most rural practitioners have the best tools for patient care. Education for doctors is always critical-in times of global unrest as well as during normalcy. Clinicians need to be taught techniques to battle disease and disorders every corner of the world, quickly and accurately.
Patient support
It is rare that a single facility has all the expertise needed for every patient. When physicians want to consult with colleagues across the country, or the globe, video interactions means gaining access to the skills and experience that they need. Pulling together all the best minds and expertise regardless of location means more effective diagnoses. Providing the highest quality of care becomes easier with deeper and broader access.
From human resources, board meetings, budget planning, and more, greater staff collaboration can benefit from the highest quality audio and video conferencing available. With Starview SMA Series, content is easily shared with all participants, ensuring everyone has the information needed to contribute
Maneuverability and flexibility
The Starview SMA Series is specifically designed to meet the needs of telehealth applications. The solution’s small footprint is designed around a durable, enclosed cart frame that is easy to clean, protects internal electronics and computers from spills, and provides the ultimate in maneuverability and flexibility.