WPC-2100M ProgramAble Music and Bell TimeD Play Host

•   With eight playback modes, you can do the general ring and special activity bell broadcast, each mode needs to have more than 80 sets of time set...

WSC-2100 Professional server with control software

•   Synchronizes with DPS main controller, showing all broadcast status simultaneously.
•   Emergency call and access control records can be s...

WIC-60 Intercom Module

Connecting with WMP-60D Remote Decorder, it can execute the intercom functions.
Omni-directional Microphone.

WMP-60D Remote Decoder

•   Integrated with WMP-2000, it has two-way designated address broadcasting.
•   3 Colors LED Status Displays.

WMP-2100 Multi-functional PA control unit

•   It is adopted with Digital Two-Way Transmission system. With One Single Cable connection, it not only saves the installation time, but also makes...

WMP-1206 Speaker Circuit Zone Selector

•   12 single-zone buttons, loads more than 300W
•   1 programmable group button
•   1 all-call button

MT-2 Web Control Software

•    Remote control via the mainstream web browsers such as Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox.
•    Three setting pages for schedule arrange...

MT-2 Multimedia Scheduler

•    Schedule management for multimedia play: you can preset weekly/specified-date schedules and select holidays for not executing broadcasting.

ICP-3051 User-friendly Control Keyboard

•   Intuitional-based control panel for easy control and operation.
 •   Equipped with 70 keys for single-zone PA and 10 keys for group PA. ...